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About Us

Silver Lake Energy was founded in 2020 by two energy industry professionals. The team’s 40+ years of combined experience means that we understand every project is different. That's why we tailor custom solutions for each of our client’s unique needs. Because we're a small operation, the team’s success hinges on the success of our projects.
As project developers, the Silver Lake Energy team leverages real-world experience to help clients simplify energy projects so they don’t waste their business’s resources on overly complicated solutions they may not need. Silver Lake Energy works one-on-one with clients to help them determine each project’s focus and guide them as they move through each phase of the project.

Meet the Team

Meet our all-star team of energy consultants.

Trip Bates

Managing Director
Trip Bates has spent the past 25 years in the energy industry. He has experience in heavy-duty commercial transportation, power generation, gas compression, oilfield services, mining, and marine markets. Before founding Silver Lake Energy, Trip was Managing Director of Galileo Technologies North America, an Argentinian-based supplier of natural gas compression and liquefaction equipment.
Prior to that, Trip served as an executive for several distributors of Daimler Technologies North America, Rolls Royce Power Systems, Allison Transmission, INNIO Waukesha/Jenbacher, and other leading industrial equipment suppliers serving the energy and transportation industries worldwide.

Dustin Hancock

Managing Director
Dustin Hancock has spent 15+ years in the energy industry and has experience supporting heavy-duty commercial transportation, retail and wholesale fuel distribution, power generation, and oilfield services. Before founding Silver Lake Energy with Trip, Dustin served as the President of Terra Energy Group, an oilfield services company that captured flare gas through cryogenic treatment and LNG liquefaction and distributed the LNG for use in powering drilling, frac, and heating applications.
Dustin has also served as Vice-President of Business Development and Strategy for BLU, a CNG and LNG company; CFO for EFS, a heavy-duty trucking fleet fuel card company; and the CFO of the Marketing, Supply, and Distribution at Flying J, Inc.

Customers We've Worked With

Our team has had the privilege of working with these and many incredible customers in our work history.
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