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Energy Technology Integration 
and Project Development

About Silver Lake

Silver Lake Energy is an energy technology integration and project development company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The team has more than 40 years of combined experience in equipment technologies used in the processing, liquefaction, compression, transportation, and distribution of energy.
Because of the team’s time spent in the energy industry, we have an extensive network of strategic partners in the North & South America, Europe, and Asia that help us provide customized energy equipment solutions to clients.

What We Do

Leverage experience and relationships to bring best in class partners to energy projects – we help our clients achieve the desired outcomes.

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Our Team

The Silver Lake Energy team is composed of energy project developers who have decades of real-world experience designing and executing projects around the country. Silver Lake Energy has been engaged in successful small-scale LNG, CNG, and virtual pipeline jobs.
We understand every aspect of this industry and know how to help clients quickly and efficiently meet their energy needs.

Customers We've Worked With

Our team has had the privilege of working with these and many incredible customers in our work history.
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